LawnMaster Eco Chipper Shredder 45

LawnMaster Eco Chipper Shredder 45

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Eco 45 Chipper - This solid, lightweight chipper will handle all the demands of the domestic garden including any niggly stringy materials.  With a 7HP 208cc engine and a chipping capacity of 45mm, you can chip branches and or prune with ease.  The Eco 45 is fed through a single inlet chute and discharged out the side, this chipper will help you keep your property looking great.


Model Number: 840005CNU

Power: 7HP

Product Type: Chipper Shredder

Warranty: 2 Year Domestic and 90 Days Commercial (including hire centres)

Wash Ports: No

Function: Chipper Shredder

Blade Type: 2 Double Sided

Cutting Disc Size: 260mm

Chipping Capacity: 45mm

Belt Type: Single Drive A23

Tow Hitch: No

CC Rating: 208